July, 2023
Newly edited Second Edition now available on Kindle & Audio

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The Purple Lily

One year after a couple goes missing in the Elliott State Forest, Detectives Daniella Keezar and her partner, Crystal Allen get news of a body being found in the same vicinity. Homicides are few and far between in the small seaside town of Coos Bay, Oregon. At least they were, until now.

Bestselling author, Charlotte Romano and her significant other, Tanya are new in town. Intrigued by cold cases, Charlotte contacts Detective Keezar, hoping to write her next book and possibly help solve a cold case or two.

The beast within has haunted him since childhood. To fight it, is useless. Whenever it calls, he follows. Careful never to leave any evidence behind, his MO is different with each kill. Only his satisfaction can quell the beast. Because of this, he is never able to stay in one place for long.

As Charlotte and Daniella collaborate on one case, bodies continue to pile up. Has their sleepy little town awoken a serial killer? Or has Coos Bay become a haven to several killers? Desperate for answers, both women realize the closer they get to the truth, the closer they get to possibly becoming the next victims.
“The Purple Lily” book was co-authored with LC Ahl, a friend she met at her own book signing. It has taken six years for us to bring this book to publishing but the journey was worth every hour spent on it. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.  

A Children's Story by Christine Hartwell

image A young girl and her puppy spend an adventurous day trying to solve the meaning of alphabet letters they find scattered everywhere they play. "Dooley Rue Who Are You?" they keep asking. Will they ever find the true meaning of these words?

Follow these two throughout their day as together they seek out the meaning of the alphabet letters and find very special friends by the end of their day's journey.    

Dooley Rue's Story Inspiration

How Dooley Rue came to be, is really a funny story all in itself. If you have ever tried to read a child’s handwriting at age 5 or 6 years, then you probably know just what I mean.

While creating a “Daily Newspaper” of her own with workable supplies from my office, my granddaughter had a great idea, but her A’s and O’s truly did look alike as did her R’s and N’s. What looked like “Dooley Rue” to me was indeed the “Daily News”. Being an angel in her own right, the mystery of this “Dooley Rue” became a real inspiration and finally my reality.